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The Dahlia Collection Seasonal Cut Flowers

Our seasonal cut flowers feature over 250 varieties of dahlia blooms. Fresh blooms are cut daily and available for purchase at our flower stand in Port Gamble, Washington beginning late July.

Our small flower farm features excellent cut flowers used in our season bouquets. 

The images on the Dahlia Collection Page are a Galley of all the Dahlias we grow (NOT all featured are available for sales).

Bloom Size

AA - Giant over 10" blooms

A - Large 8" to 10" blooms

B - Medium 6" to 8" blooms

BB - Small 4" to 6" blooms

M - Miniature up to 4" blooms

BA - Balls over 3.5"

MB - Miniature Ball 2" to 3.5" blooms

P - Pompon up to 2" blooms

MS- Mignon Single up to 2" blooms

Bloom Size

FD - Formal Decorative

ID- Informal Decorative

SC - Semi Cactus

C – Cactus

IC - Incurved Cactus

LC – Laciniated

BA – Ball

MB -Miniature Ball

P – Pompon

WL – Waterlily

ST – Stellar

NX - Novelty-Double

NO- Novelty-Open Center

CO – Collarette

AN – Anemone

S – Single

O – Orchid

MS - Mignon Single

CO- Collarette

PE- Peony

Bloom Form
Bloom Form
Bloom Color

W- White

Y - Yellow

OR - Orange

PK - Pink

DP - Dark Pink

R- Red

DR - Dark Red

L - Lavender

PR - Purple

LB - Light Blend

BR - Bronze

FL - Flame

DB - Dark Blend

V - Variegated

BI - Bicolor

Bloom Color
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