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Dahlias in bloom late July-October 2023!

 Dahlia Tuber Pickup Saturday,  April 29-May 7th from 8am-5pm at the flower garden site. PLEASE NOTE THE SHOP is closed until July 2023

The online store is officially opened.  Tuber orders will be shipped via out Fedex by May 1and then again on May 8th. If you are picking up tubers, your orders will be ready Sunday, April 30th at our residence.  Please note the shop is closed until July 2023.

This year we will not be selling any tubers at the yellow flower shack in Port Gamble, WA.

We are busy on the property preparing for our daughter's wedding, so you can image the hustle and bustling going on here at the property located on NE Gamble Cove Way.

About us

Welcome to Gamble Cove Dahlias. We are situated on 5 acres of gorgeous sprawling scenery where we grow our dahlias. Our gardens feature cascading colors with over 250 varieties of seasonal blooms from late July thru October. We are intermediate flower growers who have embraced the outdoors and gardens located on our low bank waterfront property on Gamble Bay in Kingston, Washington. 


Seasonal blooms are cut fresh daily and available for purchase at our small quaint shop- Gamble Cove Dahlias, located in the beautiful historic town of Port Gamble, Washington.  At Gamble Cove Dahlias you select your dahlias and greenery and Yvonne will bring your selections together while you shop or enjoy a nice meal at a local restaurant. These simple, yet personal bouquets are stunning. Best of all, additional greenery and accent flowers come directly from our private gardens.


Visit Gamble Cove Dahlias for fresh cut tulips and Dahlia Tubers.


Open: July various weekends from 11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.  Weather Permitting 


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